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IvyMed is an Australian medical services clinic with a focus on complementary or alternative treatments.  If you have been unable to find relief through other options, our doctors work collaboratively with a referring doctor to tailor treatments that may alleviate symptoms and improve patient outcomes.

In order to receive treatment, you need to be eligible. You can check your eligibility by completing our simple Eligibility Test.

Eligibility Test

Our Process In Three Simple Steps

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    No Referral Required!

    Complete our simple New Patient Registration form.  A team member from IvyMed Clinic will then contact you to answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, you can schedule a call back at a time that suits you.

  • Step 2
    Request a Health Summary from your regular GP.  To save you time, IvyMed Clinic can also request this on your behalf.
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    Once IvyMed Clinic receives your Health Summary, one of our friendly staff will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your appointment.

You can also watch a short video of our process below.

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Medicines are often used to manage pain.  Some medications can be purchased ‘over-the-counter’ (OTC), meaning you don’t need a prescription from your doctor to access them.  Other types of medication are strictly controlled and available by prescription only. 

Physical therapy may also be used to treat pain by focussing on the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. These therapies may involve a variety of techniques and exercises to help patients recover from injury, reduce pain, improve mobility and function, and prevent future injury. Physical therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including back and neck pain, joint pain and sports injuries.

It is not helpful to view these two types of therapies as mutually exclusive.  Conventional medicine is what most people have experienced when visiting their doctor and many patients find good long term relief from these conventional medicines or therapies.  For others, conventional therapies have not been as effective and this is where complementary medicine may be an option.  Complementary medicine has many names and has grown in popularity.  It may be referred to as allied health, alternative or natural, but regardless of name, it encompasses a broad range of therapies that can be used alongside conventional therapies.  A growing number of doctors are integrating both conventional and complementary therapies to try and achieve the best outcomes for their patients, particularly as scientific research uncovers potential benefits.

1 The above health issues and therapies are not an exhaustive list.  You should not rely on self diagnosis and you should always discuss any health concerns with a medical professional before commencing any treatment plan.

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